Thursday, December 17, 2009

yadiyee christmas carolers

During the Yuletide, we often see carolers along the streets and in most PUVs. I was one of them during my high school days. I used to do carolings in our Area and in our Baranay with my classmates.
In fairness, the feeling is nice when you know that you are to get an amount that's higher than 50 bucks. Then, the money we've earned will be used for that day's evening merienda.
But, I was never fond of giving even any petty donations to carolers. Not unless, probably, if they come in costumes and beautiful, angelic voices.
The street children in my school's vicinity had been doing carolings to us students since the start of December. They come in uber dirty clothes and super-out-of-tune and out-of-lyrics songs. And take note, they demand so much that if you say that you do not have money, they'll be mad at you. Mumurahin ka pa nila. *so mean.
And so, I think, the most captivating caroler I've met ever was the one who sang an unfamiliar song.
I was in a bus going to SM north then. When he stood up, I already realize his propaganda. A caroler, he is. He brought out his instrument and started preaching.
At first thought, you'll think that he is just, of course, after the money. But, eventually, you will have the impression that that man is not just asking for money. He's also trying to let his listeners feel the enthusiasm of the season with his song.
Pagod pa ko nung time na yun. But, in fairness to him, his song uplifted my spirit.
And so, merry christmas to him.



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