Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Wishlist

Howdie! Merry Christmas folks!

It's almost Christmas but I still can't figure out what to give my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He has been a gift to me since he came into my life. I just want to show him that he is special to me.

And I still haven't got anything as a Christmas present for this year yet.nyahaha. Well, what I have in mind right now are not all material things. There are certain things that money just can't buy.And I probably would not win the nomnom's Limited Edition Starbucks Flash Drive because my list is not posh or fab. But, still I wanted to share to you what I really wanted for Christmas.

But to tell you honestly, my first wish is wish to have lots of followers in my blog. Just in case nomnom would help me out, my blog URL is I've been blogging for only a month and I really admit that I dont deserve that much traffic yet. But, I really want followers.

This will be my last semester in college. For that, I wish for God's provision for my tuition. Needless to say, I have to pay my tuition. I have persevered a lot to finish my thesis successfully. I just really hope that after all my hardships, I'll be able to graduate.

Hehe. This next wish is a silly one. I wish to have someone who will treat me with a venti cup of chocolate cream chip frappuccino. Merry Christmas..haha..

Fourth in my list is peace within my family. It has been two years since I've last talk to my sister. A part of me is telling me that I really hate and that I have to hate her. But, a part of me is telling me that she is my only sister and that when everyone turned their backs on me, she will still be there for me. Aaahhh..

I want brother, Yvan, to finally think before feeling bad about my papa. I just hope that Yvan will change. He needs wisdom.

And my last wish is that my classmates would realize that I have not done them anything wrong. My college years were sad because of them. They made me feel that I am not a friend to them. I just want to feel ok when I'm at school.

Merry Christmas...I hope this will be really merry one for me.



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