Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The May 2010 Presidentiables (PART I)

May 2010 Elections is fast approaching. After five full months, the country will be deciding on to vote for. True enough, the May 2010 presidentiables are the best set that I could consider in my life at the moment. In fairness to them, this set of presidential candidates are like the best one to select the fitted person to lead the Philippines.

Having mentioned that I see them as the best set of presidentiables, why don't we go for the best among bests.

Let me take this opportunity to blog about them.

I've read a blog entry just before starting off this sentence. Well, I was trying to look at other bloggers' point-of-view with the 2010 presidentiable. NiƱa Bumanlang of Underside has her own side about the presidentiables. And her point is a bit different with mine.

To her, the next set of presidentiables is the not-so-likable one.

Ok, we have our own criticisms and opinions here, so, let me continue with mine.

So, to start off, let me introduce to you our May 2010 presidentiables (in alphabetical order):

Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino Jr.

John Carlo "JC" Delos Reyes

Joseph "Erap" Estrada

Richard Gordon

Jamby Madrigal

Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro

Manuel "Manny" Villar

Eduardo "Eddie" Villanueva

One of these faces will be the country's president after the May 2010 Presidential Elections. And I guess, the vote of each and everyone is very much important as a vote might make the most fitted person for the position. And my reason behind this post is my responsible feeling of being a youth. I really believe that it will always be the youth who can will make the good president for us.

The youth is susceptible to change impressions or ideas depending on what they read or hear. I can't just stand while cannot contain all the ideas blurting out of my mind. I hope that you guys try to subscribe to keep you updated with my posts about the May 2010 presidentiables.

To be continued . . .



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