Friday, December 11, 2009

kindling a better perspective

I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.

People are of different perspectives. And the only thing that's controllable on Earth is nothing but yourself.

Whatever I do, people will say something - be it good or bad.

I am a student. I live a life similar to everybody else's. But, I can't be the best at anything. Because no one will like it. Or it's just probably that, they simply don't like me. And so my best buds, would always be the laptop and the free wi-fi.

If you'll be stepping into my shoes, you will know how hard it is for me to live a life that I am in right now. As the song goes, "Nobody wants to be lonely".. just like me.

A freelancer and everybody's pet peeve. That's just me. Ang galing noh?! Now, I'm just wondering why they can't see me as a person. I can't be perfect. I may know a lot, but not everything.

And where I am right now is in the middle of a childish-hindi-sila-napagbigyan thing. And after the case, I am now known to be selfish and greedy.

Firstly, they never treated me good since I met them. Should they receive something good from me?
Secondly, I really never know the answer to their napaka-liit na issue.
Lastly, kung meron man silang hindi nakuha sakin, at least, walang nawala sa kanila. But what they are doing with their facebook wall posts and comments about that little issue, is taking away my dignity and they are already slashing me on my back.

Why don't they just talk to me? In that way, things may be better. Who knows..someday, they would be needing me again.



dEo said...

haha. if they are not nice with us. then, we are not nice with them also.

yaan mo na yung mga taong yan. saktan na yan!!

haha. miss you, bespren! :D

dEo said...

we all have different perspectives in life.

yah! it depends na lang yan sa tao.

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