Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Earning with blog posts

I've discussed about money blogging in a seminar once this year. I was like a pro that time. -No, actually, not so pro. I was just so good at researching for the best points to discuss. And for a plus, i interviewed a real blogger. He was just so nice that he spared me some of his very hectic sched. Thanks kuya Fjords!

Now that I am really into it - blogging - let me tell you something that some others in the blogosphere tried to keep.

Monetizing your blog is something to do when you want to earn out from blogging. You start off from doodling whatever it is that's on your mind - from your best experiences to the worst ones, to social issues and national ones. Then. eventually, you will realize that blogging eats up your time.

Once in my web idle moments, I came to read a blog from His post was about the top 8 sites that keeps him earning. I tried reading and browsing the sites he has given. And of the eight sites, the best one that i would consider is the Blog Distributor.

Blogdistributor is a site that keeps bloggers and clients connected. It allows blogger to have blog about a client and earn from it.

Now it is more than just that. It asks for your standard rate for each job done and your average working days for blogging.

Just want to share this to everyone to give you the confidence of starting a blog.



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