Monday, August 23, 2010

eggplants and chocolates for pregnant women?

According to the myth, eating chocolates and eggplants during pregnancy will cause baby and the mother bad effects. Due to my case right now, I read through some articles over the net and I was surprised with I've learned about chocolates and eggplants during pregnancy.

In an article published in UK, it said that chocolates actually makes the baby a cheerful one. This was supported by the answers and comments of the women who gave birth with children whom are chocolate-fed while in their wombs. One said that among her 5 kids, the one whom she had lots of chocolates with during pregnancy is the most cheerful one among the 5.

The bad thing about chocolates is that they contain caffeine which was said to be bad for pregnant women. But a pop or 2 of chocolates in a day won't give you any bad effect because you might only consume, like, around 30mg of it in a day.

For eggplants, it is one of the highly-folic acid-giving vegetables. Folic acid is one those that nutrients that help form the baby's brain. In a study, it says that baby's born with their mother's who had little folic acid intake suffer from brain defects.

All I can say now is, just give in to your indulgence :)

Happy pregnancy!



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