Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A prof is back

It's been long since I last posted something in here. Miss you all!~just hope that somebody tried to keep track of my comeback :)

So many things had happened during my absence. You wouldn't know my marital status right now, because it's overly conplicated - tinalo pa ang relationship status ng friendster.

But about my professional status, it is just so-so. Like, I can't really tell that I am liking the career path that I am in right now. Aside from the fact that the institution I am i doesn't pay well, the load of work is indeed heavy. But, on the contrary, this is the only position I would be in because of my quote complicated relationship status unquote.

Okay, I won't put you on hang anymore. I am a professor now, teaching higher IT at ABE Manila.

What I love about my work is my students. Whenever I go to ABE, which happens in almost a daily basis, my students are the ones who lightens up my heavy load of work. Sometimes, I get to think of not going to work since I am certain that I am not earning well. But, my students make my days better.

As for my employment status in ABE, I am a full-time IT instructor and, at the same time, IT head. Quiet a high tag for a newly grad like me, but flattering.



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