Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pinoy Valentine's

This post is a product of me, wondering. Just that.
               Happy Valentine ’s Day everyone!
               A day from now, it’ll be happy couples’ day for everyone. Since this year’s valentine’s day is a Sunday, I am quite sure that there will be limited spaces in all places. Now, I wonder how many couples, or probably just buddies, celebrate the hearts’ day.
              Just imagine this, by daytime of Feb 14, there are, like, couples celebrating since morning to be each other for the whole day. Some go to parks, e.g. Quezon Memorial Circle, EcoPark, Rainforest Waterpark (Pasig), and a lot others. Those some, is more likely around too many to count that just the couples alone, already occupy the most area in the above-mentioned spots.
               When you go to malls, you’re still sure to see couples holding hands, going out of the cinemas, eating at restaurants, and sight-seeing. Last year, I went to the Mall of Asia with my ex (he was my boyfriend then) to, of course, celebrate the valentine’s day. The whole seaside area is occupied by hundreds of lovers looking out at the bay, eating TJ hotdogs, doing photo shoots and a lot others. And it was also really crowded inside the mall.
                Now, when you try walking along Avenida, Recto, Quiapo, Cubao, Sta. Mesa and Makati to look for a place to stay at for the whole evening, you’ll end up saying “Why the hell are all people stuck up in places that I go”, hehe. About 90% of our local motels, hotels and apartelles don’t have vacancy during Valentine’s day. It’s pretty obvious that people do common stuffs during certain special dates. Like when it’s Christmas, Christmas parties and exchanging of gifts; while during New Year’s Eve, people makes noise. And so as with the lovers’ day, people commonly make love.
                Restaurants. I kind of a wonder why people get to have lots of money for February 14. You see, generous men reserve special table for two for their woman. Some others don’t make reservations, they just eat in. FACT: Restos get higher profits during Valentine’s day and Christmas.
                Some sweet wives or even girlfriends, prepare a candlelighted dinner for two at the comfort of their homes, instead of going out. This one is a lot cheaper but still thoughtful and mushy.
                Now, of the places I’ve mentioned that has numerous folks during Valentine’s, where on earth do these people came from? It’s like they are dispersed around the country and met up at the places mentioned above during Valentine’s.
                Nonsense. I just wonder.



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